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Pannie-George's Kitchen

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p: 334.821.4142
Pannie-George's Kitchen
2328 S College Street
Auburn, AL 36830
Cuisines: American, Casual Dining and Catering
Features: Outdoor Dining

Pannie-George’s  selection  of  meats  and  vegetables  encompasses  the  rich  tastes  and  textures  of  the  owners’  unique  Southern  style  cooking.  Named after their grandparents, the owners and operators of this casual, cafeteria-style restaurant have created an establishment where customers are “welcomed and treated like a respected member of Pannie-George’s family,”  and  it  has  quickly  become  a  paragon  of  traditional  Southern cooking in the Auburn area. Selections vary daily - other than their legendary fried  chicken  which  is  a  staple  -  and  include  items  such  as  catfish,  meat  loaf,  macaroni  &  cheese,  purple  hull  
peas,  cabbage,  banana  pudding,  and  sweet   potato   pie.

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