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Overall Company

Cuisines: Bar, Café/Deli, Coffee and Dessert
Features: Outdoor Dining and Drink Specials/Happy Hour

Hand crafted coffee, artisan pops, loose leaf teas, southern food & desserts, market craft beer, win & cheeses. Featuring live music & art shows! Open Sunday - Thursday 6:30am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday 6:30am - 11:00pm

Welcome to The Overall Company, a place where we celebrate Southern culture at its roots: family, food, and music. These are things we have come to celebrate in our community, a community so rich in history that we as citizens couldn’t stand the thought of losing it! The Overall Company, in its beginnings, started right here in Opelika in the mid-1800s during the manufacturing boom. They manufactured Eagle Brand Overalls up until the Civil War when they began production on the uniforms for the Southern military. Repurposing the name is our way of bringing a little bit of our history back to our future, showcasing just how much we Southern folk love a good story about our roots.

We are a coffee bar and market featuring simple Southern food with a few special treats. Our handcrafted coffees are rated A+ on the Cup of Excellence cupping scale because they are farm-to-table fresh. This means that all of our coffees come from individual farms that have developed lasting relationships with our roasters, Counter Culture Coffee, due to their commitment to excellence. Every one of our coffees is served within 5-10 days from roasting to ensure that each of our customers gets the absolute freshest cup of coffee possible. Each cup is handcrafted in house using the “pour-over drip method,” and while it may take a few seconds
longer than traditional methods, it’s worth the extra moments for the best “Overall” quality that we’re certain you will taste. While our coffee making style is quite unique, we sell another item just as special: our handcrafted, made in house pops! We strive to use only the freshest ingredients, including local fresh fruit and Alabama fresh dairy, resulting in completely natural treats for the whole family. Some Southern favorites include Banana Pudding Pops and Chocolate Hazelnut, both of which are made fresh from scratch in house. Another specialty treat of ours is our morning biscuit, which is often times paired with our hot pimiento cheese. Our focus is to create outstanding, yet simple, Southern food that embodies the celebration of our Southern culture.

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