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The locals love summertime in Auburn-Opelika because the “traffic” dies down, you can actually find a parking spot downtown, reservations are easier, and time just slows down a little. The bulk of the students are gone, but a lot of the local families are traveling as well. Whether it's your first summer here or your tenth we want you to soak up all that summer has to offer.

The Tasty Taco Trail of Auburn-Opelika

We took it upon ourselves to name the best tacos in Auburn-Opelika and we feel pretty good about our findings. In fact, even non-taco lovers (if there is such a thing) can appreciate some of these unique takes on this casual comfort food.

Auburn wasn’t supposed to be this awesome

Auburn, Alabama isn't supposed to be an awesome place to ride bikes in the woods. It's supposed to be obsessed with college football, fried okra, and southern hospitality; which makes what they've done in Chewacla all of the more impressive. It's not just about the 35-foot road gap, or the monstrous jump line, or the ever-expanding network of singletrack that makes good use of the final frayed