Randle Farms


Randle Farms grows a variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables fit for the southeastern climate. While the farm is not certified organic, it is the farmers’ goals to produce food that they are comfortable serving on their own tables. This means Randle Farms does not use harmful pesticides on our crops, animal byproducts in our livestock feed, or a program of antibiotics for their livestock. Rather than being certified organic by a government agency, Randle Farms receives its certification from customers, who understand how they farm. Randle Farms employs sustainable techniques to cultivate a healthy soil, including cover cropping to build organic matter and reduce soil erosion. Using manures for fertilization, Randle Farms rotates crops to reduce disease and pest outbreaks and control insect pests without damaging beneficial insect populations. As a smaller farm that uses a local processor, Randle Farms is also able to offer a high level of food safety. Meats that must be processed in a USDA-inspected facility are transported only 30 miles to Wilson’s Farm Meat Processing, a family-owned-and-operated abattoir.