Get your caffeine fix in Auburn Opelika

Sarah Beth Mullins
Auburn Opelika Touism Bureau

Get your caffeine fix in Auburn Opelika

In a college town, coffee is in high demand. The Auburn-Opelika area has seven locally owned coffee shops to feed your caffeine craving. All of these local shops offer various types of coffee and a unique experience. Read more to find out which shop is the best fit for you! 

Coffee Cat

If you are looking for somewhere chill, Coffee Cat is the place for you.  With plenty of windows and natural light, Coffee Cat is a vibrant space fit for small meetings or a Bible study. Need a pick me up on Monday morning? Their “Tweaker” coffee is sure to help you hit the ground running! Their menu includes local honey and caramel. Try the “Local Honey Latte,” or the “Bourbon Caramel Latte.”The dirty chai is a must-try!

Mama Mocha’s

Mama Mocha’s is known for their quirky sense of humor and style. Mama Mocha’s roasts their own beans and they feature a wide range of brews from their coffee emporium. Roasts vary from floral and fruity to earthy and bitter flavors. This coffee shop is made for the community! They're located downtown within walking distance for many folks and there is plenty of seating available. Ask the barista for a recommendation or try their daily special.  In the summer, be sure to cool off with one of their lemonade specials.

One Bike Coffee

You're not just grabbing a cup of coffee here you're also supporting a local charity. The owners dedicate 50 percent of their profits to the One Bike Foundation which provides bicycles for Alabamians who have multiple sclerosis. The cost to provide these bikes is between $1500 and $2000. One Bike offers various types of coffee as well as hot-pressed paninis and other snacks.  

Ross House

One year ago, Ross House was a was a home to Auburn University students. The house has now been converted into a spacious coffee shop. They have private rooms that are available to reserve for your meeting or study group. Their menu includes various coffees, but a must-try is their vanilla latte (hot or iced). Another recommendation is the pour over since the beans are roasted in house! Featured food items include their homemade biscuits and grilled cheese sandwiches. Ross House has a quiet and casual atmosphere. On warmer days you can enjoy the outdoor seating option with their large wrap around porch. Ross House is a great location for late night studying, reading on the porch, business meetings, conducting interviews and/or catching up with friends.

Sidetrack Coffee

Located in downtown Opelika, Sidetrack Coffee is too cool for school! You actually tell them how much you want to pay for your beverage. For real. You order a coffee and then they ask, "How much would you like to pay for this today?" Sidetrack is a bright white space with plenty of natural light. The menu features various pour over brews and teas. Try their Chai Soda or the cold brew coffee!

The Bean

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, The Bean is the place for you. Enjoy the retro atmosphere complete with a record player and vintage couches that are great for a midday coffee break. For a quick snack try an amazing homemade cinnamon roll, waffle, cheddar biscuit, or gelato. Pair one of these treats with a hand-brewed coffee and maybe add a flavor if you’re feeling groovy! 

World Cup Coffee

Serving Toomer's Coffee Roasters, this new coffee shop is sure to peak your interest. This is a smaller shop with a family atmosphere, sure to make you feel right at home. Their menu includes coffees, teas, and small snacks. Coming highly recommended are their Turkish coffee brews, as well as their hummus. 


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