Family-Owned Bookstore to Open Doors in Downtown Auburn Next Month


Family-Owned Bookstore to Open Doors in Downtown Auburn Next Month

M.A. Hughes | Auburn-Opelika Tourism

Auburn Oil Company Booksellers is set to open in October 2019. The store will be located in the heart of downtown Auburn at 149 E. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 101.

This is the second bookstore opening for owners June and Mike Armor. Their first store, M. Judson Booksellers, is located in Greenville, SC. The store is named after Mary Judson, a principal at the Greenville Female College at the turn of the 19th century. Judson taught every class at the college and founded the Judson Literary Society, a gathering for women to engage in thoughtful debate. The Armors have dubbed Judson the store’s “patron saint.”

 Auburn Oil Company Booksellers will feature a wide range of literature “from bestsellers to classics, cookbooks to picture books, as well as funky gifts and local goods with a special focus on our ever-changing south,” says Mrs. Armor. The store will also include a coffee shop boasting various pastries, desserts, and wine. In addition, Mrs. Armor hopes to bring a unique events program to Auburn, such as a continuation of the “Lunch & Lit” program hosted at their sister store.


Mr. and Mrs. Armor chose the name for the store in honor of Mr. Armor's father, who owned several gas stations named Auburn Oil Company in the community. The two hope the store will embody the spirit of community. “The inspiration behind our name comes from the family business…and the idea that gathering places like old mechanic shops and gas stations have been proving grounds for southern storytellers since the beginning of time,” says Mrs. Armor.

Though Auburn Oil Company Booksellers doesn’t open for another month, it has already made quite a buzz in the community. “We have been absolutely overwhelmed in every good way by Auburn’s response to our announcement about the bookstore,” says Mrs. Armor. “Our doors aren’t even open and we already feel like we’re home.”


The Armors are already seeking potential employees. Those interested can apply here.

To learn more about Auburn Oil Company Booksellers, visit the website here or email June Armor at


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