Be our Guest: Lucy's Premieres Guest Chef Series


Be our Guest: Lucy's Premieres Guest Chef Series

M.A. Hughes | Auburn-Opelika Tourism

Known for its modern vibe, culinary wonders and extensive cocktail list, Lucy’s neighborhood eatery is debuting an exciting new guest chef series. Each guest chef will collaborate with Lucy’s executive chef Brian Paolina to bring a different experience and exciting dishes for guests to enjoy.

“I’m very passionate about helping to make the Auburn-Opelika area a culinary destination,” said Lucy’s owner Lisa van der Reijden. “This guest chef series is a chance to invite people to Auburn and offer locals the opportunity to experience food from other restaurants and cities.”

Each chef in the series offers something different for those in attendance. During his dinner on September 17, Adam Evans of the highly-praised Atomic Seafood and Oysters in Birmingham provided guests with a delicious family-style, four-course seafood dinner paired with wine selected by Lucy’s sommelier Emmanuel Kemji.

Coming up October 10, Carrie Morey of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit in Charleston, South Carolina, will be baking up a plethora of hot, fluffy biscuits to couple with Chef Paolina’s mouth-watering fried chicken. Each course in the meal will also be paired with champagne.



In addition to the family-supper experience, Morey will be hosting a biscuit-making class on Friday, October 11. Interested participants will have the opportunity to walk with Carrie through each step of her coveted family biscuit recipe.

The collaborative family-style atmosphere of the guest chef series is part of van der Reijden’s goal to make Lucy’s a local Auburn commodity.

“I want to create a place where people love to come,” she said. “When you go out to eat, you’re building community with others, engaging with friends and family over food, and to me that’s just the best thing in the whole world.”

Adam Evans and Carrie Morey are only the first and second in what promises to be a diverse lineup of guest chefs, each of whom is sure to bring something incredible to the table.

“I don’t invite a chef to come unless I know the food they prepare is something people here will enjoy,” van der Reijden said. “I need a chef that’s doing great things and is very creative, who uses product in a way that’s accessible to people and that they enjoy.”


Also promising is Lucy’s executive chef Brian Paolina’s contribution to each installment of the series.

“Hiring Brian was kind of a no-brainer,” van der Reijden said. Since joining the team, chef Paolina has worked to create a menu that is diverse and flavorful, promising something that every patron of the restaurant can enjoy. In the spirit of community, he is also sure to use local ingredients. Lucy’s gets their greens from Ralph’s and purchases a large portion of their produce through Farmer Charlie.

Above all, van der Reijden envisions the guest chef series as a way for guests to experience Lucy’s as a place that feels like a second home. 

"I want it to be a place where all of the surrounding neighborhoods feel like it’s their living room—like they can come and have a drink and the bartender will know their name,” she said.

Tickets for both the second installment of the series with Carrie Morey and her hands-on biscuit-making class are available here. To stay up to date on the guest chef series, visit the Lucy’s website and follow them on social media.


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