Visit the Murals of Auburn-Opelika


Visit the Murals of Auburn-Opelika

There are 10 murals in the Auburn-Opelika area. Have you seen them all?

Emma Donaldson | Auburn-Opelika Tourism

There are several murals painted by local and regional artists scattered throughout the Auburn-Opelika area. Some are new and some have been around for a while. Have you spotted all of these yet? Snap a selfie at each one and be sure to tag #auburnopelika!

1). Bless You Wall in Opelika

Driving through downtown Opelika, this beautiful reminder exemplifies all things Southern. The colors are bright and bold and quite flattering in selfies. 



2). The Yellow Umbrella in Opelika

Rain or shine, this two-dimensional umbrella is a staple in downtown Opelika. Grab some friends and pose away to get the perfect Instagram shot worth posting. We promise. 


3). Butterfly Mural in Opelika

This is one of the newest murals in Auburn-Opelika and was recently painted in downtown Opelika. The Butterfly Mural is located next to the Yellow Umbrella, so you can check out two at once. It was originally painted for Down Syndrome awareness month. Make sure you use the hashtag #myopelika so they can see you posing with their work. 


4). Moes BBQ's Dancing Bears in Auburn

Since renovating over the summer, Moes BBQ in downtown Auburn added a fun flair to their back porch. These dancing bears are sure to bring back some good memories and are a fun backdrop to enjoy while chowing down on some delicious BBQ. 


5). Little Italy’s Pizza Sun in Auburn

Downtown Auburn's late-night pizza parlor, Little Italy, has a not-so-well-known mini mural just begging for some Instagram love. It is a colorful piece perfectly representing the cheesy deliciousness that awaits inside. 


6). War Eagle Wall in Auburn

Now this is an Auburn staple. How could you not want your picture made in front of the iconic War Eagle or Go Tigers wall? Conveniently located by J&M Bookstore, snap a pic during your next Toomer's roll! 


7). The Freewheeler in Auburn

The Freewheeler is an Auburn classic and has been around since the '80s. It can be seen while parking at Live Oaks or driving on N. College Street. The larger than life mural lives on what once was Auburn's go-to bike store. Definitely a bit older than the others, this mural holds a special place in the hearts of long-time Auburn visitors. 


8). Auburn Spirit Mural 

Inspired by the Auburn spirit, local artist R.C. Hagans sketched out this mural that is located near the original Momma G's. The two eagles, tiger, and the colors the artist picked to embody Auburn itself are bold and modern. May the best Auburn Spirit selfie win!


9). Ocean's in downtown Auburn

Once again in downtown Auburn, as you are driving downtown you might see bright blue ocean waves filled with colorful handprints painted on the side of the former Bicycle Shop. It is an older mural but still displays beautiful colors and is a fun piece for children to put their hands on. 


10). Jule Collins Smith Museum's Indoor Mural in Auburn

Mural hunters, we have one more for you! Did you know there is a mural painted inside of Jule Collins? It was hand-painted, sketched, and drawn out and is beautifully displayed inside the auditorium. The piece features Samford Hall, an astronaut, and a graduation ceremony. 


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