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(For Auburn and Opelika Tourism Bureau verification only. This information will not be shown to the public.)

This information is required in order to submit an event. It is never displayed and only used as verification that you are the author and in the case that Auburn and Opelika Tourism Bureau needs to contact you.


Event Date and Time

The date of the event is required. The end date is only required for an event lasting more than one day. The start and end time of the event are not required. If the event spans multiple days and has multiple start and end times, it is best to leave the time blank and add it to the description on the event.


About the Event

The title of the event is required. Sponsors for the event are not required. The summary of the event is used when events are listed by date. The summary should be a short description of the event. The full description is required and should be used to completely describe the event. When an event covers multiple start and end times, the times should be included in this section.


Location Information

The location name of the event is required. The full address of the location is not required, but can be helpful to people unfamiliar with the area. You can click on the map to add a marker, or enter the address and click on the map icon next to the latitude and longitude inputs. The marker can be dragged once it has been added. Mailing address is also not required and should not be added unless you expect to receive mail for the event.

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Contact information is not required. Any contact information given in this section will be public and displayed along with the event. When entering a contact method (phone, link, or social link), the save icon, the black disc, must be pressed. If the contact method is not listed to the right, it will not be saved.

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