Coffee Mafia


We're Coffee Mafia...

It's your favorite Auburn Coffee Shop. You might recognize our space as Mama Mochas - where we've been serving Italian-Inspired dank espresso for ten years. That philosophy - the coffee, community, and purpose isn't going anywhere; but Coffee Matriarch, Sarah, is passing the torch to Ian to carry on those ideas and continue to serve the best espresso you can find in Auburn. 

Ian has been with Mama Mochas for four years and is excited about this opportunity to carry on the ideas that Mama Mochas has spent a decade building - That coffee is for everybody, that Auburn needs a community space for people of all walks of life, and that coffee shouldn't be pretentious. Coffee Mafia is here to continue that legacy and build on it to develop a future where everybody has a seat at the coffee table and good coffee is easy to come by.