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The AUUF graciously donates the use of their historic building to Sundilla and other local organizations.

Bailey Jones
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Date: February 7th, 2020
Time: 7:30 PM until 9:30 PM

Celebrating its 10-Year Anniversary as a band, Celtic-American Roots music “supergroup” RUNA returns to Sundilla on Friday, February 7.

Showtime at the AUUF is 7:30; admission at the door will be $20, advance tickets are just $15 and can be found at Spicer’s Music, Ross House Coffee, and online at

Free coffee, tea, water and food will be available for all, and attendees are invited to bring whatever food or beverage they prefer.

RUNA continues to push the boundaries of Irish folk music into the Americana and roots music formats. Interweaving the haunting melodies and exuberant tunes of Ireland and Scotland with the lush harmonies and intoxicating rhythms of jazz, bluegrass, flamenco and blues, they offer a thrilling and redefining take on traditional music. This group is truly an international coalition, with members from Canada, the States, and Old Eire itself— each of them contributing the strains of their indigenous disciplines, in a glorious, flouncing mishmash of cultures and cadences. What you should know is that these folks are among the very best to be found in the public prosecution of Celtic and traditional stringed minstrelry— they’ve individually appeared in high-end full-scale stage shows such as Riverdance and Celtic Woman. The RUNA approach, though, emphasizes their disparate interests from sources like The Chieftans, Nickel Creek, U2, and Amos Lee— a flavorful blend of bluegrass, flamenco, blues, and jazz. Seeking to preserve and continue a traditional culture in a modern age, RUNA creates the backbone of its signature roots sound from the musical and geographical diversity of its individually established band members. Their strive for excellence and creativity blazes a trail for the future of folk music, earning them the reputation as one of the most innovative Irish folk groups of this generation.