OLLI at Auburn Brown Bag Lunch and Learn with Sonny Dawsey

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Pebble Hill
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Date: February 23rd, 2022
Time: 11:30 AM

Join us on Wednesday, February 23 at 11:30 a.m. for a lunch and learn at the Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts at Pebble Hill.

Sonny Dawsey presents the Confederado.

After their defeat in the Civil War, many U.S. Southerners were discontent and fearful. A significant number of them decided to emigrate to other countries, and one of the largest groups made its way to Brazil where the government provided support and cheap land. They became known as The Confederados. Several colonies were established, and the largest of these was located in Southeast Brazil near the farm of former Alabama state senator from Dallas County, William H. Norris. For many decades the settlement, eventually to be known as Americana, acted as a magnet for North Americans arriving in Brazil. Though they were relatively few in number, these expatriates had a significant impact on Brazilian agriculture, education, and overall society. Cyrus (Sonny) Dawsey is Professor Emeritus of Geosciences at Auburn. Although born in Florida, he grew up in Brazil; and following Bachelor's and Master’s degrees from Florida State, he earned a PhD from the University of Florida. Before his retirement in 2008, he spent 34 years as a faculty member at Auburn University; almost two decades as a full professor. During this time he was Chair of the Department of Geography, and he established and directed the Institute for Latin American Studies. He taught 12 different courses in Geography and conducted research on spatial analysis, computer cartography, and the history of migration in South America. He authored over 70 professional articles and one book. He participated on various university and college committees and served as President of the AU chapter of the American Association of University Professors. After retirement, he has remained active in many community organizations and has taught a wide range of courses for OLLI. Sonny and his wife, Barbara, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.