2nd ave. and 8th st.
Opelika, AL

Date: March 18th - April 30th, 2023

Each Spring Keep Opelika Beautiful coordinates the Azalea & Dogwood Trail for Opelika. This event brings in visitors from across the state that appreciate the beautiful blossoms and lovely homes. The Trail begins and ends at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 8th Street and is approximately 5 miles. Mother Nature dictates the start and end date of the trail each year. There are green arrow signs throughout the city directing each turn. Along with directions printed and online, the signs usher visitors and residents through the Azalea & Dogwood Trail.


Enter Trail at 2nd Avenue and 8th Street
Continue on 8th Street, turning left on 4th Avenue
Proceed on 4th Avenue, turning right on 10th Street
At the split in the road, turn right onto Collinwood Street
Turn left onto West Collinwood Circle
Continue, crossing Collinwood Street
Turn right onto East Collinwood Circle then left onto Collinwood Street
At the intersection of 10th Street, turn right
Turn left onto Ridgewood Drive
At Jackson's lake turn left onto Laurel Street
Turn right onto Bonita Drive/Terracewood Drive
Proceed on Terracewood Drive- Turning right at the directional arrow
Proceed uphill to enjoy the blooms at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newman
Enter once again on Terracewood by turning left
At the intersection of 10th Street, turn right
Turn left onto 6th Avenue
At Northside School, turn left onto 5th Street
Continue one block, turning right onto Park Road
At the covered bridge enjoy a brief stop as you stroll through the Caroline Dean Wildflower Trail
Continue on Park Road, turning right onto Rocky Brook Rd
Turn right onto 3rd Avenue
Continue until the intersection with 8th Street and turn left.


For more information visit www.keepopelikabeautiful.com