3:23 Cigar Bar
1673 Shug Jordan Parkway
Auburn, AL 36830
P: 334.209.1260
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3:23 Cigar Bar is a sophisticated cigar lounge, cocktail bar, and retail store located in Auburn, AL. Indulge in rich, premium cigars and specialty wines and liquors while receiving the most pampering service in the South.

What's in the Name 3:23 Cigar Bar? 

3:23 is the moment our owner met his wife. She was twenty-three minutes late to a business meeting; however, given the blissful, marital outcome, she holds to the notion that she was right on time! All the clocks at 3:23 Cigar Bar are of course set to 3:23, and I'm suspecting you might not find it hard to gather that happy hour around here begins at - you guessed it - 3:23! 

No matter the occasion, at 3:23 they delight in sharing your moments!

  • Browse the fully stocked retail store stocked with specialty wines and liquors.
  • Delight in a delicious cocktail in the sophisticated cocktail lounge while enjoying your favorite sporting event with their surrounding plasma televisions.
  • Savor a fine cigar in their environmentally controlled, smoke-free lounge complete with plasma screened tv’s, soft, leather couches and relaxing recliners. 
  • Have a morning coffee paired with your favorite cigar while reading the daily newspaper on the outdoor patio.
  • Delight in being pampered by the finest and friendliest bartenders Auburn has to offer!