Standard Deluxe Inc. is a design and silkscreen print shop located in Waverly, Alabama. Standard Deluxe sponsors a live music festival each spring called the Waverly Old 280 Boogie, among many other events throughout the year. UPCOMING SHOWS


Funky. Modern. Niche. All words that come to mind every time you step foot on the creative grounds of the Standard Deluxe music venue in Waverly, Alabama.

The home of the heralded Old 280 Boogie music festivals (as well as a variety of musical performances throughout the year), the Standard Deluxe looks exactly like the kind of place where communities gather to have a good time. The eye goes immediately to a huge lawn facing the outdoor stage that’s just begging to house people’s chairs and blankets. To the left, there’s the quaint “Little House.” It’s a listening room reminiscent of the inside of a church, filled with real pews and a mural of an Alabama sunset.

The place is also filled with memorabilia from an Auburn long past. Everywhere you look, there’s a different sign from an old Auburn treasure. There are even tables from Checkers for guests to enjoy.

Standard Deluxe owner Scott Peek is just as inviting as his venue. He’s always got a smile on his face and a spring in his step for anyone he comes in contact with.

“We’ve got a little bit of everything here,” Peek said. “I like to think there’s something for everyone.”


But the venue couldn’t hide its true colors for long. In 1994, the Haints became the first musical act to play at Standard Deluxe. The music hasn’t stopped since.

While at Standard Deluxe, stop by Wild Flour Bakery (open Tuesday through Saturday) to grab a delicious cup of coffee or tea and relax while taking in the beautiful atmosphere. You can also find Standard Deluxe merchandise for sale, including screen printed T-shirts, hats, and posters. 

Needless to say, Standard Deluxe will only continue to flourish in the coming years. Its fun, eclectic energy draws people in; its familiar, homey feel makes them want to stay. Whether there for the Boogie, the Dirt Road Century, or any of the other incredible events throughout the year, every person who steps foot in the venue will never want to leave.