Opelika Wood Duck Heritage Preserve & Siddique Nature Park

Wood Duck Heritage Preserve & Siddique Nature Park
3600 Waverly Pkwy
Opelika, AL 36801
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About the Opelika Wood Duck Heritage Preserve and Siddique Nature Park

The 73-acre Opelika Wood Duck Heritage Preserve and Siddique Nature Park were created from a nutrient-rich intentional wetland owned by the city of Opelika, with an additional seven acres of land including an old homesite. The park has become home to a significant population of birds, including a large population of wood ducks.

Entrances at the old homesite and at the roadway both provide access to ideal walking trails offering varied birding opportunities. The homesite trail follows a heavily wooded stream, terminating at the preserve’s observation blind, overlooking open water. Blue-winged Teal have been spotted at the preserve early on in their migration. The trail accessed from the roadway is particularly bird-dense and should be included in any birding visit to the area. Look for a vast array of wetland birds throughout the year. The stream/marsh is a major bird oasis, especially during dry periods.

The preserve is also home to a rain garden which was designed to help capture stormwater from the parking lot and pavilion roof and filter pollutants from the water. The garden includes a French drain along the front side of the pavilion that leads to a depression in the earth filled with native plants. The plants naturally filter the water and help prevent polluted runoff from entering rivers and streams. The native plants planted in the rain garden also provide valuable habitat for pollinators while being an attractive landscape feature.

Purpose of the Preserve

To protect, preserve, restore and enjoy birds and other wildlife that inhabit this property.
To create an awareness and appreciation of this native habitat and its living resources.
To provide educational opportunities in Lee County, Alabama, and its surrounding areas.


From the intersection of US 280 and CR 97 (Grand National Parkway), travel east on US 280 .6 mile and turn left onto Waverly Parkway.  Travel .5 mile to the entrance of the park on left. Driveway entrance is between two sections of split rail fence; continue on Waverly Parkway another .1 mile to the roadway entrance of the Preserve.