Located at the southernmost point on Lake Harding in Lee County, Alabama, and directly east of Bartletts Ferry Dam is Po-Boy Landing. This access area provides a boat ramp, parking, and a fishing pier. Po-Boy Landing is accessible from Alabama State Highway 76.

Lake Harding, also known as Bartlett's Ferry Lake, is a 5,850-acre reservoir on the Chattahoochee River. The lake is formed by Bartlett's Ferry Dam and is located in Harris County, Georgia with some portions in Alabama. 

The lake was originally built by the Columbus Power Company in 1926 to generate hydroelectric power. The dam and lake were bought by Georgia Power in 1930. Lake Harding has become a popular recreational area with local residents, many of whom have built lake homes along the well-developed shoreline. A major tributary of the lake is Halawakee Creek. Lake Harding features several islands. One of the most notable is Houston's Island which contains the ruins of an old lake house. 

Lake Harding is also the practice site of the Auburn University Club Rowing Team. The team can frequently be seen practicing early morning on weekdays.