Auburn Fencing Club
229 S. 8th St.
Opelika, AL 36801
P: 334.203.1989
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Auburn Fencing Club aspires to familiarize the Auburn/Opelika community with the wonderful sport of fencing! Fencing is the diversely beneficial sport that holds a long and rich history in the Olympics as well as the NCAA. This sport is a very safe with one of the least amount of injuries of any sport. Fencing is a thrill that simultaneously provides mental challenge and growth, athletic development, college admissions and scholarship opportunities, networking with a strong and growing national and international community. Coach Tatiana and Rylan are very experienced fencers/coaches/officials for the national and international fencing organizations and intend on strengthening the level of fencing in the southeast region of the United States of America!   

Fencing has the highest proportion of scholarships and admissions benefits of any NCAA/Olympic sport. Auburn Fencing Club encourages everyone to come and learn about Olympic Fencing, the excitement and the great opportunities it offers! 

Auburn Fencing Club offers multiple membership packages that include access to fencing classes, private lessons, discounted equipment and more. To learn more about membership, click here. 

Auburn Fencing Club also offers summer camps!

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