AMC Classic Auburn 14

AMC Classic Auburn 14
2111 E.University Dr
Auburn, AL 36830
p: 334.501.0401
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About AMC Classic Auburn 14

The AMC Classic Auburn 14 is a 14-screen theatre where guests can watch their film in luxurious comfort. All auditoriums are considered to have leading-edge entertainment complexes that are equipped with stadium seating, comfortable high-back rocking luxury seats, retractable armrests, and convenient cup holders. The BigD, AMC's premium large-screen format experience auditorium, seats 580 patrons. All auditoriums in the Wynnsong 14 contain large, wall-to-wall screens, DLP digital projection, and digital surround sound.

Lobby Amenities

The facility's upscale lobby contains multiple concession areas featuring self-serve Coca-Cola Freestyle drink centers, which pour more than 100 customized fountain drink varieties. One-stop ticketing is included in the lobby allowing cinemagoers to escape the elements while purchasing their tickets and favorite concessions at the same transaction point.


Adult (ages 12-59, Fri-Sat): $12.49
Adult (ages 12-59, Sun-Thurs): $11.49

Children (ages 3-11, Fri-Sat):  $9.99
Children (ages 3-11, Sun-Thurs):  $8.99

Seniors (ages 60 and up, Fri-Sat):  $10.19
Seniors (ages 60 and up, Sun-Thurs):  $9.19

Every day before 5 p.m., tickets are 30 percent less than the evening price.  Those prices are as follows:

Adults (ages 12-59, Fri-Sat):  $8.69
Children (ages 3-11, Fri-Sat):  $6.99
Seniors (ages 60 and up):  $7.09

Adults (ages 12-59, Sun-Thurs):  $7.99
Children (ages 3-11, Sun-Thurs):  $6.29
Senior (ages 60 and up, Sun-Thurs):  $6.39

Prices for any BigD showtime will include a $2.00 surcharge.  Should either location run a 3D Film, there will be a $3.00 surcharge included

Discount Tuesday

The Discount Tuesday tickets are now $5.99 per person, with a membership to the AMC Stubs Rewards Program. Plus it's just $2 each for a small drink or small popcorn. Want a larger size drink or popcorn? Pay just $3 for medium or $4 for large! Most candy is just $3!