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PRE Event Resources
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Opelika , AL
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Our parent company, Tailgate Guys, started with a pickup truck and two trailers in a backyard. That was the spring of 2009 in Auburn, Alabama. Through hard work, determination, and attention to detail, we’ve seen Tailgate Guys expand across the country. From Austin to Atlanta to Gainesville to the northeast, we’ve learned that where you find sports fans you also find plenty of room for quality service and old fashioned hospitality.

The Event Group was introduced in the winter of 2014 to support your year-round tent, party, and event rental needs. By applying the same principles and attention to detail that has made Tailgate Guys a regional brand, we offer the same premiere services in the event and rental industry across the country. In 2017, the Event Group received a new name and a new look, PRE Event Resources. This rebrand symbolized a new way of doing business. Honestly, as a company founded by a couple of guys, we never expected to get into weddings. However, we have never accepted anything less than perfection in the execution of any event. We’ve always loved creating a unique experience and that has only grown for each event we’ve been a part of.