lauralece 827 is a wedding planning + design inspired by people, good vibes & creating things bigger than ourselves! The heart behind lauralece 827 has a bunch of components. First and foremost is Jesus. Without him speaking this into existence, none of this would be an actuality. So in and through Him, we acknowledge all the things that have taken place within and through this company thus far and in the future. Secondly, yes we want to be your planner, but we also just genuinely want to meet you and hear your story. Some other things we are all about is driven work, great quality, effortlessness, all the details, and influence!


We are more than just typical event planners. We want to plan, create, and design while building long-lasting friendships and spreading influence throughout the world. We exist to bring you an experience that embodies everything that we both are, essentially combining the best of us both. Our purpose is to not only create and bring to life the vision of people’s dreams through designing an event but also to tell the story of the client. Through lauralece 827, you will receive faithful inspiration, passionate conversation, purposeful problem-solving, creative detail, and of course, relatable, dependable planners.


Please feel free to reach us here to begin planning!