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Best Spots to Watch the Race

Whether you know Chewacla State Park like the back of your hand, or it’s your first time visiting, it'll be a breeze to find the best spots to watch the ride. 


During the event, park roads will be closed to through traffic to ensure safety. When seeking spots to view the race, exercise caution and avoid venturing onto the course itself to prevent any accidents or disruptions. Getting to spots to watch from the race start may require some walking, but will help you find vantage points for enjoying the rest of the event.

A great spot to set up is at the pavilion at the base of Fox Trail and Rock Bottom 4. Not far off is the gravel path that meets the end of Tiger Woods.

If you are looking for a birds-eye view of the course, head up to the overlook of High Gravity, then walk over to Rock Bottoms. Hungry for a snack while you are watching the race? Make sure to head over to the Upper Field for snacks and refreshments.

Be sure to get your cameras out and check out the Falls View where you’ll watch the log jump to catch a glimpse of trick shots. This intermediate single track follows the edge of the lake and parallels the dam and waterfalls.

Another place to watch the race higher up is the Hank Graham Bridge Crossing, the bridge is 92’ long, 8’ wide, and 10’ higher than the normal creek level.

Finally, be sure to utilize the CCC Campground to watch the race where you can park you and your family on picnic blankets. Here, riders will finish with quick turns, short, steep dips, and short climbs that lead back to the Lakeside Connector Trail.


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