Keep Opelika Beautiful and the Auburn Beautification Council are kicking off the spring season with their annual Azalea and Dogwood Trails! The trails attracts visitors each year to marvel at the beautiful blooms and the lovely houses that accompany them.

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Keep Opelika Beautiful's Azalea & Dogwood Trail:

The trail begins and ends at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 8th Street and stretches about 5 miles. The route is as follows:

  • Enter Trail at 2nd Avenue and 8th Street
  • Continue on 8th Street, turning left on 4th Avenue
  • Proceed on 4th Avenue, turning right on 10th Street
  • At the split in the road, turn right onto Collinwood Street
  • Turn left onto West Collinwood Circle
  • Continue, crossing Collinwood Street
  • Turn right onto East Collinwood Circle then left onto Collinwood Street
  • At the intersection of 10th Street, turn right
  • Turn left onto Ridgewood Drive
  • At the Jackson's lake turn left onto Laurel Street
  • Turn right onto Bonita Drive/Terracewood Drive
  • Proceed on Terracewood Drive- Turning right at directional arrow
  • Proceed up hill to enjoy the blooms at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newman
  • Enter once again on Terracewood by turning left
  • At the intersection of 10th Street, turn right
  • Turn left onto 6th Avenue
  • At Northside School, turn left onto 5th Street
  • Continue one block, turning right onto Park Road
  • At the covered bridge enjoy a brief stop as you stroll through the Caroline Dean Wildflower Trail
  • Continue on Park Road, turning right onto Rocky Brook Rd
  • Turn right onto 3rd Avenue
  • Continue until intersection with 8th Street and turn left

These directions can be accessed in print at the Opelika Chamber of Commerce or City hall as well, and there will also be green arrow signs directing visitors through each turn. 

A particular highlight of the trail this year is the Newman home. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newman have over 800 azaleas planted throughout their yard, the most of any other houses on the trail. 

Also new this year is the Caroline Dean Wildflower Trail located at Opelika Municipal Park. A project of the Lee County Master Gardeners, these selected native azaleas and wildflowers from Caroline Dean's wildflower collection have been transplanted to this new home for visitors to enjoy. Click here to learn more. 

To learn more about the Azalea and Dogwood Trail, visit the Keep Opelika Beautiful website. 


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Auburn Beautification Council's Auburn Floral Trail: 

North Trail (3.5 miles)

  • From North College, Enter on Laurel
  • Right on Felton
  • Left on S. Cedarbrook
  • Left on Sanders
  • Right on Cary Drive
  • Turn right on Hickory Lane
  • Turn left on Cedarbrook Drive
  • Turn left on Jenkins Drive
  • Turn left on Owens Road
  • Turn right on Charles Avenue
  • Turn right on Hickory Lane
  • Turn right on Cary Drive
  • Continue to stop sign on North College
  • North Trail ends.
  • Link To South Trail:
  • Turn right on North College
  • Continue through the downtown area on College
  • Street by Samford Hall Park
  • Auburn University and Jule Collins Smith Museum
  • Turn left on Kimberly Drive
  • Continue with directions below for South Trail

South Trail (10.5 miles)

  • From South College Street
  • Turn left on Kimberly Drive and continue across East University Drive
  • Right on Ferndale Drive
  • Right on East University
  • Turn back left immediately on Ferndale Drive
  • Right on Lee Drive
  • Left on Kimberly Drive
  • Right on South College
  • Right on Woodfield Drive at Jule Collins Smith Museum, Right on South Gay
  • Left on Brookside Drive
  • Right on Wright’s Mill Road
  • Left on Janet Drive at Margie Piper Bailey Park
  • Right on Hollon Avenue
  • Left on Dean Road
  • Right on Heard Avenue
  • Left on E University, Left on Denson Drive
  • Left on Conrey, Left on Denson
  • Continue left around the curve on Green Street
  • Cross Samford Avenue
  • Continuing on Green Street
  • Right on Terrace Acres Drive
  • Left on Terrace Acres Circle
  • Right on Dean Road
  • Left on Samford Avenue
  • Right on Brookwood Drive
  • Right at 2nd intersection of Bowden
  • Cross over Brookwood
  • Right on Bowden,
  • Left at Auburn Dr, Left on Gardner Dr
  • Left on Chewacla Drive
  • Right on Samford Avenue
  • Left on Gay Street
  • Continue to Town Creek Park
  • South Trail Ends

Optional Trail 1:

  • Auburn University-Arboretum Trail
  • From South College –Samford Avenue intersection
  • Continue one block south on South College
  • Turn right on Garden Drive at the Donald E. Davis Arboretum
  • Turn right on Mell Street (Garden of Memory is on the left)
  • Turn left on Samford Avenue
  • Continue to Donahue, turn left
  • Optional Trail ends at South College
  • Turn Left on South College to connect with the South Trail

Optional Trail 2:

  • From N. College, enter on Asheton Ln
  • Right on S. Ashe Ct
  • Right on Asheton Ln
  • Left on Watercrest
  • Left on Brenton Crossing
  • Left on Brenton Ln
  • Right on Watercrest
  • Right on Asheton Ln
  • Right on N. Ashe Ct
  • Right on Asheton Ln
  • Follow Directions for North Trail

Brought to you by the Auburn Beautification Council and Auburn-Opelika Tourism, the 2020 Auburn Floral Trail is over 14 miles of the most beautiful spring blooms the South has to offer. The Auburn Beautification Council is a non-profit, volunteer organization designed to assist in the fostering and promoting of the best interests of the residents of the city of Auburn and its environs so that it is a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more beautiful place to live, work, and visit. Any individual citizen, business, or organization in Auburn and its environs interested in promoting the purposes of the council is invited to join.

To learn more about the Auburn Floral Trail, visit the Auburn Beautification Council website. 

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