Want to spend more time outdoors? Cycling is an amazing way to get fresh air while picking up a new sport. Auburn-Opelika is a great place to explore the world of biking. 

Where to rent:

If you don’t want to settle on buying right now or want to try out biking, start by renting:

James Bros. Bikes- They have two locations, one in Auburn and one in Opelika. The Auburn location rents carbon fiber, full-suspension mountain bikes, and Opelika rents gravel road bicycles. To reserve your wheels, call the Auburn location at (334) 821-0555 or Opelika at (334) 759-7555.


Where to learn:

If you need practice and want to learn from the experts, below are a couple of places that offer rides for beginners:

James Bros. Bikes- On the last Sunday of every month, this more-than-a-bike shop hosts an event called Gravel Sunday. They lead riders on a 32-or 44-mile trail and introduce them to the joys of riding. The team at James Bros will teach you everything you need to know for the ride and can help pick out the perfect bike for your future cycling endeavors.

Trek Bikes- Every Saturday at 9 a.m., Trek Bikes employees teach newcomers about the new bike you're buying and will educate everyone on safety checks and how to ride. They hold a group ride just for beginners that departs around 2 p.m. where they will leave from the shop.

The Bike Shop- The Bike Shop has been in the area for 45 years. The employees are passionate about the bikes they sell and are more than happy to help you find exactly what you are in search of. The Bike Shop will help you purchase a bike that is best suited for your future rides.  

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Where to ride:

Once you have purchased or rented your bike and are ready to get out into the open trails, here are three fantastic options for riding in the Auburn-Opelika area:

Chewacla State Park- The park has 696 acres of beautiful land to explore, but more importantly, the park features over 30 miles of mountain biking trails. These trails start beginner-friendly and progressively get more difficult, all the way up to expert level. This state park is a great place for kids. Bring their bikes and make it a family affair!

Central Alabama Mountain Pedlers (CAMP)- This non-profit organization not only built the trails at Chewacla State Park but is a great resource for those looking to learn more. They host an all women's riding group every other Sunday called Vixen's Ride. CAMP also hosts new riders on the Chewacla trails each Tuesday night. 

Lake Wilmore- Located behind Ogletree Elementary School, Lake Wilmore is a 2-mile intermediate trail. The loop consists of turns that can transition a beginner rider into a confident one. The trails also go through the surrounding woods and elevation changes to make for an enjoyable ride.

Downtown Auburn and Opelika- Both locations provide beautiful sights for casual street riding. Take a ride around campus and enjoy all Auburn has to offer. Downtown Opelika offers beautiful historic neighborhoods with light traffic. Stop off at Red Clay Brewing Co. for a drink and dinner afterward. Finish up downtown with some great shopping as well. 

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