Step into the past and savor the present at this local historical house-turned-coffee roastery. This 118-year-old house proudly serves coffee, pastries, and more to the Auburn-Opelika community. 


Ross House


Located on North Ross Street in Auburn, just a few blocks from downtown, Ross House originally served as a home for many Auburn University students. After hearing about a potential decision to tear down the house, students took it upon themselves to fight for the preservation of the iconic Ross House. Through a social media campaign, students and former residents pushed to #SaveTheRossHouse. 

“The students had a whole bunch of signatures and even a GoFundMe account,” said Toni Holt, the current owner of Ross House Coffee. “They really were adamant that this iconic house would not be torn down.”

In response, Holt reached out to the property owner, Stephen Benson. Collectively, they supported the idea of saving the house and transforming it into a charming, locally-owned coffee shop and roastery. 

For eight years now, Ross House Coffee has maintained its hospitable ambiance as it welcomes Auburn University students, locals, and visitors from all over the country. 

As guests approach the front of Ross House, they’re greeted by a charming wrap-around porch, a great place to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with friends. As you enter the shop, customers will see a traditional house layout as each room is sectioned-off as if it were still functioning as a true home. The hardwood floors, tall ceilings, and separate rooms for various uses all add to the original home-like feel of the house. Customers can relax around the beautifully decorated fireplace mantels, a community bookshelf, and tables to eat and study.  

“We really try to make it warm and welcoming for people as they come in,” Holt said when talking about the atmosphere at Ross House and what makes this particular coffee shop special.

Ross House prides itself on its in-store roastery that serves fresh, high-quality coffee each and every day to its patrons. Their coffee is also free from preservatives. By brewing this all-natural option, they are able to provide customers with the healthiest possible coffee option. To go along with a warm cup of joe, be sure to order one of Ross House’s iconic cinnamon rolls for breakfast, delicious quiches for lunch, or savory turkey and ham paninis for dinner. 



Ross House has also become a very popular spot to host Bible studies as Ross House takes great pride in being a Christian business.

“I think the people really notice a difference in how things are run as a Christian business,” Holt said. “We treat our employees that way, and we treat our customers that way. It just makes people have a good feeling when they come in.”

Stepping inside Ross House, customers will notice Bible verses on the walls, Christian music oftentimes playing, and even a prayer jar for customers to write down their prayer requests.    


Ross House


Ross House’s welcoming atmosphere, commitment to quality, and strong Christian values have made this coffee shop a beloved gathering place for students, locals, and visitors alike. Whether enjoying a freshly roasted cup of coffee or engaging in meaningful conversations, patrons of Ross House find themselves enveloped in a sense of warmth and belonging in this coffee shop. In preserving the legacy of the Ross House, this quaint coffee shop has become an integral part of the fabric of this Auburn-Opelika community, enriching the lives of all who enter its doors.


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