Members of the Winnebago Navion Motor Home Group, a community of avid RVers hailing from various parts of the United States, have traveled to the Auburn-Opelika area for an unforgettable experience at the Opelika Pickleball Facility. Their journey, spanning across states, has led them to discover the unique charm of Auburn-Opelika, Alabama.




Mark Friedman, a retired law enforcement officer from Princeton, New Jersey, shared his enthusiasm.

"Traveling to play here is a no brainer,” Friedman said. “We were at Gulf State Park last week, and we were all just excited to get here and play. We were playing in the rain there last week, and here that is not an issue."

Friedman’s sentiments echoed the sentiments of many in the group who found joy in the facility's covered courts amidst rainy weather.

Michael Osuna, from Sterling, Texas, expressed admiration for the welcoming atmosphere of Opelika and emphasized the inclusive nature of the community, inviting others to partake in the vibrant pickleball scene.

"The people here are so welcoming,” Osuna said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re shy or reserved, the people want to bring you in. There was a local here who was giving lessons for free and helped one of our guys with his serve.”




Tom McAllister, journeying from Conover, North Carolina, highlighted the facility's amenities and convenience. McAllister also pointed out how these amenities bring groups like theirs to town.

"It’s open 24/7, it’s free, there are restrooms, there’s water, they provide the balls for us - it’s just fantastic," McAllister said. “I don’t have any friends or family down here, pickleball is the draw.”

Cathy McAllister, also from Conover, North Carolina, emphasized the transformative power of pickleball in their RVing adventures. Cathy's words summarized the spirit of camaraderie and joy experienced by the group during their time in Opelika.

"We have been RVing for years, but when we added pickleball to it, it changed everything,” she said. “You can hop onto a court anywhere."




Travelers like the Winnebago Navion Motor Home Group are demonstrating how the sport’s popularity is increasing nationwide, and testimonies such as these shed light on Opelika’s Pickleball Facility is one of the best for pickleball lovers across the country.

For those considering a similar journey, the Winnebago Navion Motor Home Group's resounding message is clear: Opelika is a must-stop destination for pickleball enthusiasts. As plans for future visits and larger gatherings take shape, Opelika stands ready to welcome pickleball players with open arms and courts.


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