The Heart of Art Haus


The Heart of Art Haus

Opelika's Art Haus is expanding with five new studio spaces that honor how they got their start.

Travis Harrison

The Art Haus in historic downtown Opelika turns heads with its unique design, large windows, and beautiful brick courtyard. However, not everyone knows what it is or the story behind it. 

Built by the Stern Family Foundation, the Art Haus has been recognizing, educating, supporting, and enriching the art community for three years. The founders, Jay and Ginger Stern, are Opelika natives with a passion for the city and art. 


Jay and Ginger’s father, Henry, found his home in Opelika in the 1930s and fell in love with the city. Henry was known in the community as “Mr. Opelika” and knew more about the city's history than anyone else. Their mother, Roslyn, was an art teacher for Lee County. She would travel to multiple schools to teach as many students as she could. In order to honor their parents’ legacy in the community, Jay and Ginger opened the Art Haus.

The Stern siblings have dedicated the Art Haus entirely to artists and their needs. Being one of the only non-profit studios in the area, they strive to be an affordable space for local and regional artists. By providing water, electricity, and other services, they can ensure renters pay a flat affordable rate. 

“We are just a space for artists,” said Jay.  “We will let an artist book our space and host an event, teach a class or set up a gallery if that is what they want.”


The Art Haus is in the process of expanding its studio space options for artists. They are currently building five new private studios on their property. These studios will offer an abundance of natural light and open space to work in, storage, and cleaning stations for artists to use. Each room will be named after one of the schools where Roslyn Stern taught. 

The Art Haus is truly the only studio of its kind because of the architecture, story, and heart Jay and Ginger have for their city and for helping artists create.



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