Road Trip Ready

Is it a minivan with seats for the kids and the dog? Or a 2-seater convertible for a couple of hip empty-nesters? Grab your masks and buckle up because it doesn’t matter who you are, Auburn-Opelika is Road Trip Ready!

Road Trip Ready: Family Fun

Because the kids of 2020 deserve a whole lot of summer.

Road Trip Ready: Self-Care

Serenity beckons. Hot stones. A soothing rub. Self-care is the name of the game in 2020. The heady scent of fresh grounds brewing to your exact specifications. A decadent dessert board and a glass or two of the deepest red before you tuck into a fluffy comforter with a new book from a local purveyor and a soul that feels restored. Auburn-Opelika is Road Trip Ready.

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