7 Things to Know Before Visiting the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art


7 Things to Know Before Visiting the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Auburn University's fine art museum provides an approachable and elevated visual experience

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art welcomes guests into an unforgettable visual art experience. The museum is filled with frequently changing exhibitions featuring diverse mediums including paintings, prints, objects, sculptures, and more. Interested in taking part in this experience? Here are 7 things you need to know before visiting!


1: Forget your wallet, visit the museum for free!

Entertainment often comes at a cost, making many experiences a rarity. The Jule seeks to welcome all and is open to visitors completely free - that’s right - free! Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Jule is ready to host your date night, family outing, or artistic inspiration trip. There are extended hours every Thursday until 8 p.m. If you love your experience and are feeling extra generous, donations are always welcome.


2: Tired? Fuel your tour with a cup of coffee from the Grazer Co. + COFFEE.

Haven’t we all been to an event where we would've died for a cold drink or a little caffeine? No need to stop before attending, the Jule understands this desire and aims to fuel its guests with The Grazer Co. + COFFEE. It is open during regular museum hours and is stocked with iced and hot coffee, lattes, canned drinks, and teas. Feel free to sip your beverage as you take in the wonder of the art displayed.


3: Regularly changing exhibitions invite guests to visit frequently!

The Jule is not just a one-time deal for its guests. The exhibits are ever changing, providing the opportunity to experience a variety of art every time you visit. This often leads to the question of where the permanent pieces go after an exhibition is changed. Well, there is a private vault in the basement! Sadly, this area is closed to the public eye, but can be viewed online! Intimidated to tour alone? Request a guided tour for groups sizes 5 to 40 people or use the self-guided prompts to enhance your experience. 


4: Receiving the highest national museum recognition, the Jule holds an AAM Accreditation 

The American Alliance of Museums awards the Jule Collins Smith Museum of the Fine Art with their esteemed accreditation. It is an 8 to 16 month process of assessing the museum's credibility. This was awarded to the Jule in 2013 and is reassessed every few years. Of the 33,000 museums in the United States, only 1,099 are currently awarded with this honor. In the world of fine arts, this is a huge deal!


5: Wishing you could learn more after your tour? Check out the Museum Podcast.

After taking in the breathtaking, captivating, and question-provoking art, wouldn’t it be the cherry on top to learn more about the history, inspiration, and intentions of the pieces? The Jule hears this desire and meets it with the “Jule Museum Podcast.” Featured on Apple Music, Spotify, and the Jule's website you can always learn more information on the pieces before and after your tour.


6: Wonder at the Amber Luster Chandelier, designed by the world renown artist Dale Chihuly.

Arguably the largest conversation piece of the museum, the Amber Luster Chandelier is undeniably captivating. This is one of the few pieces that will not be removed with frequently changing exhibitions: it’s a permanent piece! Dale Chihuly, the chandelier’s designer, is known for his unexpected and unlikely blown-glass masterpieces. Chihuly says, “I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in some way that they’ve never experienced.” Featured in England, Singapore, and throughout the United States, it is an honor to hold one of Chihuly’s pieces. This is a must-see in the museum and promises not to disappoint.


7: Tired of the same walking path? Walk the Jule’s beautiful outdoor art museum 

Although the museum has set hours, the outdoor area is beautiful and available at all times. Landscaped to precision, this area is perfect for family photos, date nights, and afternoon walks. The walking paths are lined with outdoor sculptures, bringing art and nature together. There is a small climbing gym for families to bring their kiddos, making it the perfect spot for all ages. For the avid walker who loves art, three and a quarter times around the pond equals one mile! 

For highly educated art lovers to first-time museum goers, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of the Fine Arts truly welcomes all! Well thought out for an educational and comfortable experience, there are countless reasons to add the Jule to your Auburn-Opelika trip. One-of-a-kind to the Auburn-Opelika area, few attractions can compare to the beauty of the Jule -  inside its walls or outside on the grounds.



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