5 Reasons the A*T Patio Should Be Your Next Stop for Dining Out

Katy Harper Doss
Here Molly Girl

Spring is here, which means it's the perfect time of year to enjoy al fresco dining in the balmy air, and the patio at A*T is the perfect place to do it. We can think of lots of reasons you should join us for a meal on the patio, but we've narrowed it down to the top 5:

5. The food just tastes better. We think our food is pretty hard to beat indoors or out—from our oven-roasted pork sandwich and wood-fired snapper lunch specials to wood-fired pizza, hand-made pasta or other delectable entrees on our dinner menu. But there's something about enjoying it in the fresh air with friends and family that makes it even more delicious.

4. It's a perfect date night—what's more romantic than enjoying a glass of wine with dinner under the soft glow of string lights? Cap off dinner with a handheld stroll through campus!

3. It's ALSO great for the family—relax, give mom (or dad) a break from the kitchen, silence everyone's devices, and enjoy a family night out. Kids love dining outside – it feels like a much fancier camp out!

2. Enhance your mood—taking a lunch break outdoors is a natural mood booster. Soak up the sun and get some vitamin D to increase your energy level to get you through the afternoon.

1. Have we mentioned OUR patio? You’ll love the comfortable seating and cozy atmosphere. Surrounded by hedges, the patio feels like a “secret garden” inside, with a pergola overhead, and fountain adding to the relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

Call us today at 334-844-5140 or visit our Website [link to http://www.auhcc.com/dining/ariccia-auburn-restaurant ] to make reservations, view weekly events and download our full menu and wine list.


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Don't miss out on what's happening in Auburn-Opelika! 
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