Visitor Spending in Auburn-Opelika Increases 91 Percent

Robyn L. Bridges
Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau

Visitor Spending in Auburn-Opelika Increases 91 Percent

The Alabama Tourism Department recently published its annual Economic Impact Report for 2016, providing statistical evidence that the travel & tourism industry continues to be one of the most viable segments of the Auburn-Opelika economy. Visitors to the area spent $438 million in the area’s hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments last year, representing a 12% increase over the previous year. The tourism industry also employs 6,243 individuals in Lee County, making it the area’s second largest employer behind Auburn University.

Dollars collected by the tourism industry save individual households an average of $444 each in state and local taxes.

Tourism revenues continue to play a major role in the economic health of the Auburn-Opelika area,” said John Wild, president of the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau (AOTB). “The staff of the AOTB is dedicated to continuing to promote the area as a destination for travelers of all types, from the individual leisure traveler to those interested in hosting group or business events. The area’s desirability and the success of our efforts is clearly evidenced by the fact that visitor spending has grown over 91% in just the last decade.”

The Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau is a non-profit service organization driving economic development and enhancing the quality of life in our community through tourism and travel. For more information, contact Robyn Bridges, vice president, at or 334-887-8747.


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