Southern & Savory Cafe

Southern & Savory Cafe
815 E Glenn Ave.
Auburn , AL 36830
P: 334.209.2334
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Kasha is the head chef at Southern & Savory. She has worked in the beauty industry for 30 years yet her passion for cooking and creating beautiful dishes has never ceased. She was born and raised in Alabama and learning to cook at the early age of 9 years old has given her an appreciation for Southern cuisine. She enjoys entertaining and cooking for her family and friends always testing new recipes and creating delicious products.

It was the expression of gratitude and smiles on the faces of those she prepared a meal for.

How satisfied and happy they were after enjoying whatever dish she put before them.

Their reaction became addictive very quickly for her! It made her happy to see them so pleased and satisfied. She couldn’t stop there I was hooked. She began cooking even more, even at the church she attended. She happily joined the kitchen hospitality crew! She really had her work cut out for her then, they fed people in large numbers. She loved every minute of it, ahhhh Ha!

This is like therapy for her, enjoying every detail of prepping and cooking.

Soon the word spread very rapidly about her passion in the kitchen. She was happy to serve and accommodate as many as she could. She already was self employed many years in the beauty industry; however her passion has switched over the years. Cooking is her new passion now. The beauty industry had to gracefully take a back seat. She has no regrets in making the decision to change career paths. It has actually been very rewarding for her.

When what you do is your passion, it definitely doesn’t feel like work!