Tucked away in a corner of Auburn lies a hidden door. Beyond the threshold lies Oz, an immersive speakeasy. Enter through the back door of Il Forno at 154 N. College St. in the parking lot facing Tichenor Avenue. Oz channels the buzz of secret spots with artful cocktails, intoxicating tunes, and evenings awash in roaring 20s spirit. 

Oz envelops patrons in an intoxicating atmosphere blending cutting-edge technology with old world allure. The staff create cocktails with unique ingredients, techniques, and presentations. You can find these quality cocktails on Oz's secret menu by visiting the speakeasy. Food can also be ordered at Oz during the hours that overlap with Il Forno's business hours. 

A journey through Oz offers escape into an experiential space melding fantasy and reality. Though Oz defies easy explanation, one thing is certain - it offers an adventure beyond the ordinary.