Ag Heritage Park
Agricultural Heritage Park
Auburn, AL
P: 334.844.2345
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Ag Heritage Park

Ag Heritage Park (AHP), a joint venture of the Auburn University College of Agriculture and the Agricultural Alumni Association, is located on approximately 30 acres at the southwest corner of Samford Avenue and Donahue Drive. The Park pays tribute to Alabama’s farmers and agricultural sector while also serving as a gathering place for students, faculty, alumni, and friends throughout the year. The Hotel at Auburn University is the exclusive caterer for the Ag Heritage Park and provides pick-up, drop-off, and full-service catering. 

The park features a variety of event venues great for receptions, ceremonies, reunions, and more.

Agricultural Heritage Park Pavilion

The Agricultural Heritage Park Pavilion is an event space that overlooks the Ag Heritage Park pond. The facility just completed a property enhancement which allows for the venue to be used year-round. While the physical structure remains the same, the interior now features nickel gap shiplap walls, a stone fireplace, glass doors, and a built-in bar. 

Edward L. Lowder Barn

The Lowder Barn is the original "Red Barn" at Ag Heritage Park. It offers unique antique tool displays that serve as decor and are wonderful conversation starters for guests who will be mingling during your event.

Herdsman House

The Herdsman’s House is one of three houses constructed around 1929 and originally located in the area where the AU Athletic Complex now sits. As the site transitioned to predominantly teaching activities, student employees were the caretakers of the animals. From 1998 to late 2002, the Herdsman’s House became the residence for the student workers. The residence is perfect for a bridal party holding area.