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p: 334.887.5621
124 Shell Toomer Parkway
Auburn, AL

Chewacla State Park is the site of CAMP-SORBA’s main trail system. With over 15 miles of single track, Chewacla offers a place to ride for beginners and advanced riders alike.

CAMP - Central Alabama Mountain Pedalers was founded in 2012 by a group of mountain bikers in the Auburn area who recognized the need for more trails and increased awareness for the sport in Central Alabama. In September 2012, CAMP, already a 501 (c)3 nonprofit, became an official IMBA-SORBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association & Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association) chapter and received a $100,000 grant to improve 26 miles of multi-use trails within Chewacla State Park.

At CAMP, we are passionate about improving our communities in Central Alabama through outdoor activities, namely mountain biking.  We do this through partnerships with the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau, Chewacla State Park, and local businesses. We host multiple competitions and festivals throughout the year to raise awareness for mountain biking in the community and increase tourist traffic to the trails in our area. It’s our goal to become an official IMBA Ride Center® to establish Central Alabama as a destination point for mountain bikers across the country.

In addition to competitions and large-scale rides, our members lead weekly rides on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays in Chewacla State Park.
•    Our Mission: To promote trail advocacy, health, wellness, and education by developing, maintaining, and riding sustainable multi-use trails.
•    Our Vision: To improve the quality of life for the people in the communities we serve by developing mutually beneficial relationships that support the growth of multi-use trail systems and the promotion of outdoor activities.
BASE CAMP- Base C.A.M.P is about creating a youth development division of C.A.M.P. aimed at exposing young people to mountain biking at an early age, developing individual skills in a team oriented setting, and promoting each athlete in positive environment. We are in the development stage of creating our Base C.A.M.P. program. The first step to creating this program is for C.A.M.P. to purchase a small fleet of balance bikes so young people (ages 2-5) can experience cycling in an interesting and safe way.
In addition to purchasing the fleet of balance bikes, Base C.A.M.P. is looking to start developing program for high school age kids. This development will include after school programs, skills development, group rides, and if the rider wants racing opportunities.


1. Become a member of IMBA & CAMP - Log on to and register as a member of IMBA; you’ll automatically receive a joint membership to CAMP. Simply select Central Alabama Mountain Pedalers as your local chapter. Individual memberships are $30 a year and $50 a year for a family membership. In addition to membership with us, you will receive 30% off all IMBA merchandise, discounts and deals from local and national brands, an IMBA membership kit, and a free subscription to one of five bicycling magazines.
2. Get connected - Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get updates on CAMP activities throughout the week. Sign up here for our monthly e-mail newsletter for event reminders, stories about what CAMP is doing in the community, and info about mountain biking around the state.
3. Ride the trail… Rides are typically held every Tuesday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Meet at the second parking lot area in Chewacla State Park to explore all the trails the park has to offer! Times and locations are likely to change due to weather and daylight saving time. Check our Facebook page for event information. Visit the Trails page to see what is offered.
4. …and build the trail! We’re constantly improving and maintaining the 15-mile trail system within Chewacla. Check our Facebook page for upcoming workdays (Saturdays and Sundays), then come to the park and help build new features or clear existing trail! We couldn’t do what we do without our awesome volunteers. Kids and furry friends are welcome.


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