Welcome to Auburn-Opelika, a culinary destination recognized nationwide! Our vibrant culinary scene, featuring independent restaurateurs and talented chefs, offers a diverse dining experience for every taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a lively downtown spot or an elegant dining room with a 300-bottle wine list, Auburn-Opelika has it all.

Our restaurants, celebrated in publications like Garden in Gun, Southern Living, The Local Palate, and Wine Spectator, are known for their exceptional quality and variety. From tapas to tacos and squash to sushi, Auburn-Opelika’s dining options promise to make your visit memorable.

New restaurants are constantly opening, adding to our ever-growing and renowned food scene. Discover why our culinary scene is a favorite on Iron Chef Showdown, Master Chef Junior, and among James Beard winners. Explore the Auburn-Opelika legends and savor an unforgettable dining experience today!

What People Are Talking About

Auburn-Opelika's dining scene is always evolving, with exciting new restaurants opening frequently. Our latest additions continue to impress, bringing fresh flavors and innovative concepts to the area. From contemporary bistros to trendy cafes, these new spots are quickly becoming favorites among locals and visitors alike. Experience the buzz and discover why our ever-growing food scene is gaining national attention. Explore what's new and noteworthy in Auburn-Opelika and enjoy a culinary adventure that’s always fresh and exciting!


At Botanic, there is a space for every moment, whether you are looking to gather together for dinner, meet friends for a drink and live music, sip coffee in a corner of the Market, or meander through the Greenhouse for…

Savanh Thai Kitchen

Savanh's Thai Kitchen believes that Thai food should not just be tasted but experienced. Phounsavan is the head chef and a mother. She loves to help the needy and the elderly. Her style of Thai cuisine has been cultivated since…

Best Bites

These independent restauranteurs and talented chefs have created exceptional establishments with specialty dishes you won’t find anywhere else…