Decked out in their orange and blue gameday gear, screaming and cheering fans line both sides of the street to catch a glimpse of their most loved players, an established tradition at Auburn University known as Tiger Walk. The atmosphere is loud and bustling as fans are gearing up for another Saturday in Jordan-Hare. 

From the Athletics Complex, located on South Donahue Drive, all the way down the street onto Heisman Drive and into Jordan-Hare Stadium, players, coaches, and The Auburn University dance team, danceline, cheerleaders, and marching band, make their way walking down an aisle of cheering fans two hours before each home game. 

This tradition dates back all the way to the 1960s when a group of children wanted autographs from the players and coaches, so they walked all along the road just to get a signature or a high-five from the team. Every Saturday, more and more fans joined the crowd to catch a glimpse of the team before the game.


Visitors will find that other teams attempt to imitate Tiger Walk in the South (looking at you Georgia and Tennessee), however none have such a deep-rooted history as the original founders of the Tiger Walk tradition.  

Even the Auburn Tigers official website warns, “Tiger Walk at Auburn University is one of the most imitated traditions in all of college sports.” 

The most iconic Tiger Walk recorded was the Iron Bowl in 1989 between Auburn and Alabama where over 20,000 fans came to watch the Tigers gear up for game day as they walked into the stadium. 

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