Cakeitecture Bakery

Wedding & Event Planning

Baking and decorating mixed with architecture and construction may sound like a strange combination, but this collective experience combines well and makes for Great Cakes! With imagination, the potential is limitless!

The complexity of the design and the guest count are the two biggest determining factors to a cake's cost.  We provide free estimates and custom design. So give us a call or send us an email today to get the process started. Because each and every order is unique, providing an exact pricing chart would not be possible.  Please see the pricing chart below for an idea of what a cake costs. 

  • Sculpted Cakes have a minimum serving of 20 and start at $250.
  • Stacked Cakes can accommodate a number of different sizes and start at $6 per guest serving.
  • Cupcakes come by the dozen and start at $30 per dozen.
  • Cake Pops orders can be as small as 1 or quantities of more than 1,000. They start at $2.50 each.
  • Petit fours, macarons, ganache cakes and other desserts are also available. Please give us a call to inquire. We provide wholesale desserts as well
  • Auburn University and University of Alabama’s only licensed bakery
  • Walk in café service
  • We serve Mama Mocha’s Coffee
  • Daily fresh soft cookies and treats in the case