Fig & Wasp is a mother-daughter-owned antique shop tucked away in the small town of Waverly, Alabama. Owners Meredith Frye and her mother Scout are the creative power behind this home decor goldmine. The store carries a frequent rotation of carefully curated antiques, beautifully hand-crafted pottery, vintage rugs, and unique paintings.

Frye and her mother formed similar tastes in outfitting a home over the years by establishing relationships with European collectors and wholesalers. With time, those connections evolved into a business. Growing from tiny booths in antique malls to a high-end home store in Peachtree City, the mother-daughter duo opened their brick-and-mortar location in Waverly last August and the duo hasn’t slowed down since. 

Meredith has been painting since she was a child and said she has always had a knack for the creative.

“At a small age, I would have told you I wanted to be an artist when I grew up,” said Frye. “For about a decade I settled for a political career but always wanted to get back to a way to use my hands.” 

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Meredith now teaches art at her children’s school and creates many of the pieces that can be found on the walls of Fig & Wasp.

Scout began her pottery journey about five years ago, after visiting a friend in London. When the friend moved back to the states, the two of them began to create pieces inspired by the same European farmhouse look that had been so prevalent there. 

“Thus, Scout Pottery was formed, and she’s been creating white clay pieces with a white warm glaze ever since,” said Frye. “The friend gave up pottery and turned into Fig & Wasp’s best customer."

Fig & Wasp’s best-selling items are Scout’s coffee mugs and cream cheese-and-cracker trays. These hand-crafted pieces make great gifts and are constantly flying off the shelves. 

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Scout has recently expanded her work into wine crocks, tumblers, and other drinking vessels which are quickly becoming a hit. One exciting new product that will be available soon is signature-scent candles housed in white pottery that become an old-fashioned tumbler. 

“If you walked into either of our homes, it would look like an extension of Fig & Wasp: walls filled with art, both modern and vintage, and a host of French and English antiques,” said Frye.

Fig & Wasp got its name after Meredith was picking figs with her kids, noticed all the wasps around them, and was compelled to research the relationship between the two. 

“Once I explained to Scout that a fig and a wasp need one another to survive, she jumped on the meaning and we ran with it,” said Frye.

Looking for that special conversation piece? Explore Fig & Wasp at 1500 Patrick Street in Waverly.