Imagine watching a world-renowned show in a comfortable seat with a drink in hand, surrounded by incredible acoustics. Doesn't this sound like a dream? The Gogue Performing Arts Center has it all, including a "front porch feel" where all are welcome. Here are six reasons to experience the magic of a Gogue show for yourself.


1. The Woltosz Theater Inspires all Generations

The brilliant minds behind the GPAC's design knew what they were doing and have stated the “right space would have the power to entertain, inspire, and engage audiences of all ages, from students to community members.” It is safe to say that the Gogue is a place where the love of the arts can be passed down from generation to generation. Auburn University’s world-class performing arts center enrichs the artistic life of the university, the state, and the region. 

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2. 7 p.m. is Showtime, Everytime.

Something that you might not have known about the Gogue is that all showtimes are set to be 7 p.m. Visitors have plenty of time to get dressed up, grab dinner, enjoy cocktails, wine, and snacks during the show from the bar located in the lobby. This part of the experience is the same no matter which show you attend. 


3. Not a Bad Seat in the House

Out of the 1,204 seats in the Woltosz Theater, there is no bad seat to experience a show. The acoustics that fill the theater are described as “immaculate,” which is one of the many details that draw people from 250 unique zip codes to experience it.  

During the construction of the Woltosz Theater, the acoustics were a priority to make the experience of the Gogue as unforgettable as it is. You will leave wanting more of the incredible sound from every show. 

The acoustics allow the sound to be the same from the front row to the last. This means your seat selection gets to be a personal preference! See the theater before you choose your seat by visiting the box office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.


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4. Front-Porch Feel

Have you ever noticed the big, long glass windows that fill the Gogue with the most beautiful natural light? They are designed to invite people in to create a “front-porch feel” where all are welcome to experience any show. It houses functional spaces with fully integrated technology, an open lobby, and amphitheatre.

The Gogue features high-quality artistic opportunities, ranging from nationally touring Broadway productions and dance, orchestra, and symphony performances, popular music, jazz, and more. The Gogue welcomes all shows, vistors, and Auburn residents to experience the "front-porch feel" for themselves. 


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5. Students Only Pay $20

Students, guess what? You get $20 tickets to any Gogue show, so why not go? The team at the Gogue places time and consideration into the shows that are offered based on what Auburn vistors and residents would enjoy, including students. You won’t know you will like a show until you take the leap and attend. For example, people were skeptical of the show “Momix: Alice” last February, but everyone was glued to the incredible dance. And this was a show that most had never heard of. 


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6. Take a Chance 

The Gogue experience offers something for everyone at every show because they feature several different types of series such as a Country Series, Family Series, Celebrity Series, Concert Series, Orchestra & Chamber Music Series, and Dance & Movement Series. 

New faces are constantly experiencing the “front-porch feel” for the first time. They are welcomed with open arms and drawn in based on the experience offered to them by the Gogue. Some of the most memorable performances are the ones that people take a chance on. And the Auburn community would not have had the chance to see them if they hadn’t come through the Gogue.

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